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With superior credentials and substantial industry experience spanning a Technological era of 20 years coupled with leadership acumen in Technology, Business Processes and Management Control Frameworks, we provide you, with pragmatic cost effective PCI Audit Services. In the process we guide you to the best practices that a superb IT Shop demands, all through our customer care, at no extra cost to you, and on time and under budget. We make every phase fully transparent and provide complete cost and schedule control. Yusufali’s unique methodology ensures you a worry free experience through your journey because it is based on years of experience in refining and improving our delivery which constitute implementation best practices, as well as Project Management Institute (PMI) and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) standards in addition to PCIDSS Standards.

Safeguard payment card data properly

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an industry-wide compliance standard created in collaboration with the different payment card brands: American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa.

The PCI DSS requirements are designed to eliminate the likelihood of payment card and data theft breaches by securing your sensitive information and reducing your vulnerability to attacks.

Who Needs It?

If your organization stores, processes or transmits payment card data (such as accepting credit card payments), you are required to be PCI DSS-compliant (commonly referred to simply as “PCI compliant”) by the payment brands and your merchant bank. It’s important to understand that failure to comply with the PCI DSS can result in breaches and fines. You may also lose the ability to accept payment cards.

TWO Primary Components in Validating for PCI DSS compliance:

1. Security Questionnaire

Respond to a set of requirements that take the form of a questionnaire.

PCI DSS Compliance Assessment

If you are a service provider, with extremely high-volume sales or are specifically instructed by your bank or processor, you will require a full compliance assessment. This assessment must be performed by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), and Yusufali will be happy to help you with the QSA, which will result in a Report on Compliance (ROC).

Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

If you do not have to undergo a full compliance assessment, you will have to complete the appropriate version of the PCI DSS SAQ. Which SAQ is applicable to your organization depends upon how you accept credit card payments. The self-assessment process determines if you are taking the proper precautions to protect cardholder data. Yusufali will help you determine this.

Policy and Procedure Development

The implementation of a formalized security policy is required to validate compliance with PCI DSS. Yusufali has worked with hundreds of organizations and service providers, so we can help you create a customized set of policies that create the right process internally to protect sensitive data.Our engagement helps us conduct interviews with your key stakeholders, create a comprehensive set of policies and then finalize and implement them within your organization. Yusufali methodology is designed to ensure a comprehensive examination of an organization’s specific business and regulatory requirements.

2. Quarterly Vulnerability Scans

If your systems are connected to the Internet, you are required to have vulnerability scans performed on a quarterly basis. The scans look for weaknesses that an attacker might use to access your systems. An Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), must conduct these scans and Yusufali will help you with this requirement.


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